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The safer way to play

Players and leagues are discovering a fun way to gear up for safety.

"SportzSafe...an educational video game that teaches young athletes about concussions, including tools for how to identify, treat, and prevent them."

-Entertainment Software Association

Being Proactive about Youth Sports Concussions

With concussions at the forefront of discussion in football, youth football coaches must be proactive about concussion identification and management...
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Welcome our new partner, Generation Nexxt!

SportzSafe is proud to announce a partnership with Generation Nexxt, the first & only multi-platform youth sports news company in...
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VIDEO: SportzSafe Meets Sam Madison’s Power Players

We joined Sam Madison at his South Florida 7-vs-7 Classic and debuted our new Time for Football video game with the players at his championship.
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VIDEO: Welcome Message from Our Founder

Welcome to SportzSafe! Our goal is to make youth sports and team participation fun, while using technology to educate kids 5-13 years old about safer play.
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Generation Nexxt

Generation Nexxt connects you with your youth sports community.
Generation Nexxt is the first & only multi-platform youth sports news company in the country.

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