Product Support

I am having problems purchasing a game:

  • I purchased the game, but my account is not activated.
    • After creating an account and purchasing a game, you should receive an email entitled “Activate Your SportzSafe Account.” If this email has not arrived in your inbox within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder first.

      If the activation email is present, please open the email and click the link inside it to activate your account. Activation codes are valid for two hours after registering on the site.

      If the activation email is not present in your spam folder, please contact us with your purchase order information so we can resolve this issue for you directly.

I am having problems loading the game:

  • I get the following error: “There seems to be some issue with your browser!”
    • Your browser may be rejecting cookies or scripts to our website. Please make sure script blockers (e.g., NoScript, uMatrix) are turned off when attempting to play the game from the SportzSafe site.

  • I get the following error: “You seem to have an invalid token. Please contact support!”
    • SportzSafe has been updated since you last loaded it in your browser. Please log out of the SportzSafe system and close all browser windows. Reload your browser, log back into SportzSafe, then launch the game again.

  • I get the following error: “There seems to be some problems with the internet today. Please try again later, and get in touch with support!”
    • Your computer/device is not communicating with SportzSafe’s game server. Please check to see if you are able to access any other website from the same device and browser. If you can do so, but remain unable to load the SportzSafe game, contact us for support.

  • I get the following error: “You seem to be running an OS or Browser which this game does not support.”
    • Please verify that your operating system and browser combination is listed below. SportzSafe games are supported only on the following combinations:

      • PC, Windows 10, Chrome

      • PC, Windows 8, Chrome

      • MacBook Pro 13” 2015, OSX 10.11, Safari 9.02

      • Mac Mini, OSX 10.10, Safari 9.1 & Chrome 50

      • iPad Mini 2, iOS 9.21, Safari 9.0

      • iPad 2nd generation,

      • iPad 4th generation, iOS 9.1, Safari

      • iPad Pro, iOS 9.3.1, Safari 9.0

      • iPhone 6, iOS 9.3, Safari 9.0

      • iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9.3, Safari 9.0

      • HTC-One phone, Android 5.0.2, Chrome Mobile 49

      • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone, Android 5.1, Chrome 49

      • Nexus 7 tablet, Android 5, Chrome 49

      • Moto G phone, Android 5.1, Chrome 49

      Please note:

      • SportzSafe is not compatible with Windows XP, or iPhones and iPads not specifically listed above.

      • Please use the recommended browser listed above with your device. You will get this message unless you use a supported combination.

      • Apple iOS users must use the built-in Safari browser with SportzSafe; Google Chrome for iOS will not support SportzSafe games.

I am having problems playing the game:

  • The game freezes at “Loading Audio”
    • Please reload the game in your browser and clear browsing data, then try playing the game again. If the problem persists, verify that your device and browser combination is supported by SportzSafe. 

      If your device and browser are supported and the problem remains, please contact us.

  • I can load the game to the first screen, but I can’t start the game and there is no start button.
    • image9-sm-300x225

      A SportzSafe game welcome screen should have a “START” button, as shown above. If this button is cropped outside the view of your screen on an iOS device, please reset the iPhone or iPad’s text settings to default size, as explained here.

  • I can’t finish Game Day Ready without a coach stopping play.
    • Game Day Ready consists of a full day’s schedule of events, including 3 meals throughout the day. Make sure you have scrolled through the entire timeline and matched all icons in their correct location:


      A coach may still stop the timeline if weather becomes unsuitable, or if a player is hurting. Make sure to match these areas with a whistle (when a coach should stop play) or with an exclamation bubble (when a coach needs to be alerted to a player in pain).


Completion Code issues

  • Where is my completion code?
    • tff-game-006

      After successfully completing the entire game, a Completion Certificate will display on the screen, with your child’s code in the lower half of the screen. This code will also be immediately emailed to the address registered to your account upon completion. If you do not receive this email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder for an email entitled “Your SportzSafe Completion Code for Time for Football!”

      If the email is not present in your spam folder, please contact us so we can resolve this issue for you directly.

      Please note that completion codes are unique to each player and non-transferable.

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